A & D ointment
144 Foil Packs
Barrier Film
Sharp Container
Pigment Caps
Caps  #9  (Pkg of
Cap Holder
Holds Four #9
$8.50 each
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Monday-Saturday  9am to 7pm USA central time
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Topical Anesthetic Gel
Fast Acting Numbing Gel for Pain, Swelling &
Body Art, Laser, Electrolysis, etc.
Usages for Cosmetic Tattooing can be applied
on eyelids, brows & lips.
5% Lidocaine 2% Tetracaine  02% Epinephrine
$39.99 Contains 1oz
I Love My Permanent Makeup
This Beautiful full color brochure will
answer many of the most popular
questions asked by potential clients on
permanent makeup.
information. This is an excellent piece to
use in a direct campaign.
(Pkg of 100)
$9.99 each
This cream is used to prepare Numb the skin for
pain and discomfort.
5% Lidocaine 20% Benzocaine 4% Tetracaine
The most powerful anesthetic on the market.
$39.99 Contains 15g
Holds 19 Permanent
Makeup Colors
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become a Supply Distributor!
Eyebrow Design kit
Eight attractive shapes to choose from. quick and easy to
Premium Eyeliner Black
NEW! Rainbow Cosmetic Colors presents Premium BLACK 1 oz
twice the size of a normal bottle of color.
It's a fabulous color used for eyeliner that has been mixed to help
eyeliner with beautiful long last results.

$39.99 contains 1oz
Eyebrow Stamp
Beautiful Natural shape Eyebrow Stamp