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New  Rainbow Cosmetic Colors
Rose Pink
Miss Natural
Stunning Warm Brown
Warm Darkest Brown
Eyeliner Black
Brown Black
Successfully used by some of the top permanent makeup artists  for over 30 years, these color
pigments produce beautiful, outstanding results that last. (No color change) MRI SAFE
We offer a complete line of the most fashionable colors requested by clients. (1/2 ounce bottles)

Dark Wine is a cool color that stands out  it is for a person who wants a true darker color to their
lips all the time.

Rose Pink is a beautiful color that can brighten up any lip color with a hint of pink.

Miss Natural is a popular beautiful natural looking color. It is the perfect color that most woman
ask for.
Hollywood Lips  is a cool color. This is surely the color that you will see on most models and
celebrities. It definitely makes an attractive lip color on almost anyone.

Summer Pink is a cool color. It is a youthful color that  can brighten up anyone's lips with a sparkle
of pink.

Perfect Lip Color  is a cool color. This popular lip color is a nice medium color that isn't too pink
or too red It is a perfect blend of colors.

Orange is a warm color that is usually used to mix with cool colors to help avoid lips healing with a
purple color and to help correct unwanted lips that have turned a purple color.

Eyeliner Black is a cool black color that will help to avoid eyeliner turning blue.

Brown Black is a cool color used when a softer color than black is requested for eyeliner.

Perfect Cool Brown will help avoid eyebrow colors from healing  a reddish color.

Warm Darkest Brown is a popular color that is requested when a person wants darker eyebrow.

Stunning Warm Brown is a popular color . It will help avoid   eyebrow colors from healing a

Cool Taupe is a color that is usually requested when the client has ash brown hair or gray hair.

.Perfect Cool Light  Brown can be used to help lighten colors. It is for a person with cool red
pinkish undertone.
Cool Taupe
Summer Pink
Perfect Lip Color
Hollywood Lips
Perfect Cool Light Brown
Dark Wine
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Fashionable and Popular colors requested by
clients. These pigments have been successfully
used by professionals in the field of cosmetic
tattooing for over 30 years with beautiful,
long-lasting results. Made in USA & MRI SAFE
Perfect Cool Brown